Education and Sport Foundation a FED Mex. A.C. Brand

"at the service of physical culture and sport"

About us:

E&S Foundation work for the professionalization and the Technical-Therapeutic Sports preparation without distinction of gender, age and/or social status. We develop, promote and disseminate competitive physical activities through efficient methodologies to contribute to the formation and improvement of the quality of life of the population.

Our Accreditations, Appointments and Specialties are made up of three Basic Technical-Pedagogical Elements:

1.- For the Labor Competence Units of the "ANECFID CERTIFICATION"

2.- By the Mandatory Thematic Axes of the Course of "Physical Preparation in Sports Training"  

3.- For the Preparation, Dedication and Constancy of each of our Sports Trainers accredited by the "ANECFID" (National Association of Physical Culture and Sport).